For Employees

Your workplace shouldn’t be a battleground.

Aubrie Hicks provides employment law services for employees in Seattle.

Work can be difficult, challenging, boring, frustrating – you could find endless words to describe it. But those words shouldn’t include:

  • My boss keeps pressuring me to have sex with him.
  • My co-workers grab me all the time.
  • They just tell me to suck it up, it’s no big deal.
  • I reported it, and my company fired me!
  • I have a disability, and my company won’t help.
  • HR won’t help me with family leave.

And that’s just a few examples.

If you’ve been discriminated against, subject to a hostile work environment, harassed, retaliated against, denied proper pay or wages, or wrongfully terminated, if you have trouble with disability accommodations or family leave issues – if you’re an employee and you have trouble at work, come talk to me.

I work for you, to handle your questions or concerns about employment. That doesn’t necessarily mean filing a lawsuit – the sooner you find out your options, the more possibilities there are for remedies. I’ll be honest with you and lay all the cards on the table, so you know where you stand.

I also handle severance negotiations, severance agreement reviews, and employment agreement reviews/negotiations, plus administrative and unemployment matters.

Why come to me? I’ve spent most of my life as a woman working in male-dominated fields. I’ve experienced many of the same situations my clients come to me about and I believe I am uniquely positioned to empathize with them and fully understand what they are dealing with. I also have done both defense and plaintiff work, which I think gives me a more even-handed view of each case and allows me to better anticipate what the other side might do as well as understand what motivates their actions.